3 Medical Reasons To Spay Your Dog

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While everyone knows that spaying a female dog can prevent unplanned pregnancies, few people take the time to realize that spaying could have far-reaching health benefits as well. If you are looking for a simple way to better care for the health of your female dog in the future, investing in an operation to spay your pet could be beneficial.

Here are three medical reasons to consider spaying your dog.

1. Spaying can help prevent the development of breast cancer.

Finding out that your beloved dog has developed breast cancer can be devastating. If you want to avoid facing the fact that your dog has breast cancer in the future, consider spaying her today.

Research shows that over 25% of non-spayed dogs develop mammary tumors during their lifetime. By having your pet spayed before her first heat cycle, you can virtually eliminate the possibility that she will develop breast cancer (the likelihood is a mere 0.5%). Waiting until after your dog's first heat reduces the risk of breast cancer development to 8%.

If you want to prevent your dog from developing breast cancer, then spaying is a must.

2. Spaying can help ward off pyometra.

Leaving your female dog intact could put her at risk of developing a life-threatening condition known as pyometra. This condition is caused by heat cycles that don't end in egg fertilization and results in the uterus filling with fluid.

Pyometra can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet. If your dog's pyometra becomes closed (meaning the fluid accumulating in the uterus can no longer escape the body through the cervix), death could occur within 48 hours. By spaying your dog you can eliminate heat cycles all together, preventing pyometra from forming.

3. Spaying prevents discomfort during heat.

A female dog can experience many of the same symptoms human females experience when going through their menstrual cycle. When your dog is in heat, her nipples may become tender, she could experience mood swings due to hormonal changes, and she could have cramping in the uterus and ovaries that causes pain.

To avoid putting your dog through the uncomfortable side effects associated with the heat cycle, have her spayed by your veterinarian.

Protecting your dog's health can become easier when you make the choice to have her spayed. Spaying can prevent breast tumors, pyometra, and the general discomfort that accompanies canine menstrual cycles. These benefits will help to improve your dog's quality of life in the future. For more information, contact local professionals like Caring Hands Animal Hospital.