Choosing Your New Puppy

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If you have decided to get a new puppy, you want to make sure you choose the right one for your family. You have more than likely already done all the necessary research to ensure that you get the right breed of puppy for your family, but now you want to make sure you select the right puppy itself. When possible, it's always best to choose a puppy in person, rather than purchasing one from a breeder that lives out of the area and who will be shipping the puppy. By choosing a puppy in person, you can make sure it has a personality you think will be a good fit and you can be sure it looks healthy. Follow the tips in this article to ensure you take a healthy puppy home to your family:

Look at all of the puppies objectively

You don't want to choose a puppy simply because it was the first one to come up to you. Instead, watch how the puppies all interact with one another. Look for one that seems to be alert, curious and slightly cautious. It's a good idea for you to make sure you visit the puppies when they are already awake. This way, they won't be sluggish. If you do wake them from a nap, give them plenty of time to wake up all the way from their slumber.

Pay attention to their eyes

The puppy you take home should have clear eyes that don't have a discharge, redness or swollenness to them. The puppy should follow you with its eyes when you move around in front of it. You also want to make sure it isn't clumsier than the other puppies, suggesting that it may have some type of possible vision problem.

Pay attention to their hearing

You can easily test the hearing of the puppies by making a surprising sound near them. They should stop what they are doing and take a moment to access the sound. If you notice one of the puppies not responding, check their hearing away from the others to make sure they weren't just distracted by their siblings.

Check their body

Feel the puppies all over and make sure they don't whimper in pain when you run your hand over an area. Also, pick them up one at a time and hold them in an upright position while feeling their belly for a bump that can signify a hernia.

Always take your new puppy to the vet

As soon as you bring your new puppy home, you want to make an appointment to take them to the animal hospital for a full exam. They will also be given their shots and a wormer to kill any worms they may have. Follow up the necessary amount of times to ensure your puppy is fully vaccinated. Contact a clinic like Stewartstown Vet Services for more info.