Will Pet Massage Work For Your Aging Cat?

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Cats have an average lifespan of 14 to 16 years, and once your cat hits around 12 years of age, they are considered a senior citizen in the domesticated feline world. Just as people do, cats begin to slow with age, getting aches and pains in the shoulders, hips, and other vital joints. You want your cat to be as limber as possible so they can continue to entertain you with their playful antics and remain healthy, but you may not want to turn to traditional veterinary medicine to treat inflammation and pain just yet. Pet massage may prove to be beneficial to your cat as they age, and read more here about a few things you should look for to see if your cat is a good candidate for this kind of alternative animal therapy.

They have other health issues

As cats age, they can be susceptible to not only arthritis and age-related pain, but they can become prone to gum disease, ear and eye infections, upper respiratory issues, and more. Pet massage, particularly for cats, can provide exceptional relaxation benefits and provide relief for inflammation, intestinal irritations, and much more. Furthermore, when you have your cat massaged other issues that can arise, such as ticks and fleas, painful cysts, or sores on the body, can be discovered more quickly due to your intensive touch.

They are anxious

If your cat has become more anxious as they age, hiding from strangers, noises, or even your own touch much of the time, they may be more than just shy. Pain and discomfort that go along with the aging process can make your feline so anxious they are difficult to be around, which can be miserable for everyone. Massage can help relieve your cat's pain as well as help their anxiety issues by calming them down, making them feel much better and go back to their happy, friendly selves. You can learn to do pet massage from your veterinarian or bring your cat into a specialist for regular massage appointments.

While pet massage may not work for every feline, it can work wonders for your own cat if they have ample pain or many issues that are bothering them. With massage, you can help relax your pet and give them the relief they need, which helps to make their senior years more enjoyable. Talk to your cat's veterinarian to see if pet massage is something that can work well for your own favorite feline.