Calming Your Excitable Pitbull With Positive Reinforcement

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Pitbulls are friendly dogs that are filled with an awful lot of energy. This is one of the toughest parts about raising one, especially if they get too excited about new situations. Thankfully, it is possible to not only calm your pitbull, but to teach it to calm itself by rewarding it with positive reinforcement. For more help, talk to your pitbull puppy breeder to get a better idea of how to execute these tips

Calming Steps For Your Pitbull

The excessive energy of the pitbull is legendary, and they require a pretty active owner that is willing to perform the following steps to burn off some of their energy:

  • Exercise your pitbull regularly by taking them on long walks (up to half an hour) and playing with them in the the backyard
  • When leashing them in the backyard, allow them as long of a line as possible with a maximum of 50 feet, if your yard is capable of it
  • Place a small backpack on their back that will not only work their muscles but wear off some of that excessive energy
  • Play simple fetch games around the house until they are worn down – pitbulls are particularly fond of finding bits of food and treats located around the house
  • Go "dock diving" with the water-loving pitbull, an activity that includes racing and jumping after a toy you throw off of a dock and into the water
  • Positive reinforcement for appropriate calm behavior

While all of these steps are a great way to burn some of your pitbull's energy throughout the day, the last step is the most important. It will teach your pitbull calming behaviors and ensure that it behaves properly of its own freewill.

Positive Reinforcement Is Key Here

Like all dogs, pitbulls respond very well to positive reinforcement. When you see them behave in a calm and relaxed way, you need to immediately reward them with a treat or verbal praise. Make sure you are consistent with your rewards: your pitbull should be rewarded every time they calm down from excited behavior and receive a treat for it. Make sure that everyone in the house uses the same commands and reward system to keep your pitbull consistently on target. Good times to use positive reinforcement include:

  • When they don't react in an excited way to visitors
  • After they calm down with an appropriate command
  • During positive interactions with friends and family members
  • When eating in a calm and relaxed manner

These simple steps will help calm the excitement of the always energetic and lovable pitbull. This will make training an easier process overall and increase your enjoyment of your pitbull immeasurably. It will also make them more comfortable and relaxed, as they will understand the rules that dictate their behavior. Contact a company like Blue Lycan Kennel for more information on raising a pitbull.